My Story

- My name's Bovic Lola. I was taken to a hospital where I was I admitted into the intensive care unit. Doctors tried to save my life but in vain. A couple of minutes before my falling into unconsciousness, I heard them saying I was not going to make it. (People who are about to die hear what is going on around them but can neither move nor talk). A dark cloud paraded to and fro in front of me and instantly I was taken into the unknown for 23 hours. The support drip machines were disconnected. Miraculously, the Lord brought me back to life and doctors quickly reconnected their drip machines. My recovery was progressive. Once I left the hospital, the Lord clearly revealed that He would send me to the nations to carry out the Great Commission as it is stipulated in Matthew 24:14.

- I was arrested by a group of militia as we were running for our lives during the 1996 civil war in the democratic republic of Congo. I was pulled out of a long line of people running for their lives in order to be executed. I was supernaturally translocated and found myself far from the executors after God had distracted them.

- While the city was falling in the invaders’ hands, there were thousands of bullets that were being shot all around and that sounded like a combination of jazz music instruments. A bullet came from the unknown, whistled ¼ of an inch above my head and entered into the door frame as I was trying to peep into the door key hole. Thank you, Lord, for your divine protection.

- We took a shelter in a relative’s house. The Lord ordered us to leave the house immediately. Suddenly a rocket was launched into the house and blew up its roof.

- As war planes machine guns, mortars, automatic and semi-automatic weapons were shelling and pounding the city, we were forced out of our home. As soon as we crossed a street road, a pastor who was behind us was gunned down. Our mechanic was gunned down as well. They were buried a few feet from our home.

- Demon-filled and guided militia were systematically ransacking the neighborhood. They were moving from house to house, looting, raping, and killing. They entered our neighbor’s home that was separated from ours with a common wall. They skipped our home and moved to the next. God blinded them so that they could not see our home. What a great miracle!

The Lord has performed so many wonders that we do not have enough room to recall all God’s miracles.

Cecilia E




I had accident 4 years ago where I had 3 slip discs .I was taken to hospital only for the doctors to tell me it will heal itself . I was in so much pain I could barely walk. My family took me home .A week after I was still in pain . I was taken to hospital cause now I have become paralyzed literally .No feeling in my legs bowel problems the works. I spend another 4 months in hospital trying to recover .Doctors did not know what to do and just gave me very strong medicine which only made me to sleep. One day the pain got so severe in hospital I had a seizure and started foaming at the mouth all I can remember they were restraining me and giving me a shot. Next morning I was in a room by myself strapped to the bed.I asked one of the nurses why am I here and she told me the story and I became severely depressed. Few days in there and then back to the other room. I has acupuncture everyday. I had physiotherapy you name it had them all.

One day i woke up and upon waking up i heard a voice say CECILIA CECILIA get up ..

That day gave me hope . When the nurses came to take me to the bathroom sliding me off the bed into a wheelchair i said to them please help me i can walk and they said you cannot.

That did not help my situation.I heard God speak to me in hospital all the time saying your going to be ok. They released me out of hospital after 4 months  i could just about walk.

Im home now .Still in pain but i am home.I thanked God for sending me home.

The pain went on for another few years in and out of hospital paralysed then walking and so on. My neighbour Elaine always came to ask me to go to church and i always said no .

I said God will tell me when to Go. This faithful day i phoned Elaine and said i have an urge to go to church then she said to me we have a speaker from America tomorrow night and i said i cant wait i am very exited . All day long i waited until it was time to go.

Time came my heart was racing i was in so much pain that night but i never told anyone i walked tall ..I saw APOSTLE BOVIC standing there before the service and i said to myself GOD you are here. The service started and immediately i felt the holy spirit moving in me. As the service progressed i started seeing APOSTLE BOVIC glowing and i threw my hands up and the air and said JESUS TAKE THE WEEL with that i collapsed . This happened at every meeting i went to ..

I never asked BOVIC to pray for me or anything else i just stood in the line shaking . I received my healing and my faith has set me free. Since i received my healing ive been walking in faith .God is opening doors for me .

I have no more pain .I can wear my high heels .I can run with my children. I just want to say to anyone who might READ this .Your situation might be the same trust in God

He did it for me he can do it for you. Trust that positive voice in your head  and say yes lord i receive you into my life RIGHT NOW IN JESUS NAME.

Thank you JESUS for sending your APOSTLE  to NEW ZEALAND .


Glory to God

Before I accepted Jesus in my life, my life was a everyday struggle searching for something to bring me happiness.I went threw seeing death . Living in a place where violence was the normal. I was abused ,I was let down ,

I was told I was not good enough and this led me to believe just that.

In the back of my mind there was always a voice saying yes you are worth it and you can do it this set me on a path of can do attitude.

The first time I really started believing and seeing a miracle was when I was 2 years old when REINHARD BONNKE was in South Africa. One of my family members got healed due to being blind all of his life. I could not believe it I was so young there was praise and worship music playing .See I loved dancing my mum put me on stage and I started dancing and singing.

But that was a long time ago . Fast forward few years on between 10 and 11 I was raped .That day a part of me died. I became very recentful and wanted to make every man alive pay for what has happened to me. I hated men . I really wanted to have revenge. I started drinking ,going to nightclubs partying .That just led me in more trouble. I went out one day with friends and got gunpointed and was told if I don't do as they say they will kill me so I did .

I even hated my own father and told everyone he was my stepdad knowing he was not.Everything now seems such a long time ago.

Here is a prayer request sent by a sister in Christ from Canada who had a thyroid cancer. She was restored in less than 48 hours.

Hi Brother Bovic,
I need your prayers. Two years ago I got removed the entire thyroid because of thyroid cancer, after that I was healed, but the cancer is back, I don't want to pass through that process again, please pray for me, I need miracle.

Here is the praise report 48 hours after she received prayer and was anointed via Skype:

The medical report has changed, the medical test results shows that the ball on my neck is not suspicious of cancer. I am free!! Aleluya!! Thank you for your prayers! I got may Victory!!!! Thank you!!



Dear Apostle Lola and the Holy Ground Fellowship,

First of all thank you Apostle Lola for your prayers and the church which has been praying for me. The first I was their on Sunday and you called me up front for the church congregation to pray I felt something break over me. I came home feeling different. That was just the beginning. I came in a desperate condition of suicide thoughts and feeling of failure. You see I lost my job in February and then found out I had cancer and on top of all that my wife left me. The pressure was just to great to carry. I cried out to Jesus every night in the late hours trying to get answers without any success. So I prayed Lord Jesus show me where to go and get help. I went on the computer and typed in deliverance ministry and there Apostle Lola was, I felt in my spirit this where I need to go. I call and setup a time and came. Because of your prayers I gained hope, felt something come off of me and emotionally began to feel better. I came the next Saturday for prayer of deliverance over many thing and am seeing the results of those prayers. I received a good report that I do not have cancer any more. All the emotions of desperation and anxiety are gone, no more thoughts of suicide God is a great God. Jesus is Lord of my life, not my situation, a job, a wife or a health problem. I have carried emotional baggage for years that I could not break free from, but My God has delivered me. You are a great church that will help many in times of trouble, keep up the good work and thank you and Apostle Lola for everything.

Be Blessed



My name is Cindy, and this is my testimony. I was referred to Pastor and Mrs. Lola through a deliverance ministry website, this was in late October, 2008. I came to their Thursday service and Saturday prayer. I was prayed for during both services, but received a mighty deliverance during Saturday's service, because Apostle and Mrs. Lola and two other people laid hands on me.

A demon was driven out of me, as well as the oppression; it and other demons used to keep me down. Mrs. Lola specifically prayed that I receive a quiet mind; for those tormented to have a quiet mind is impossible.

That Sunday, I experienced a peace that simply won't go away. I had unshakeable faith before I went to the services, but now it is ironclad. I'm also closer to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and find it's extremely easy to speak in tongues during prayer. My voice has authority over demons and I can hear Jesus speak to me much more clearly.

I had also been tormented specifically in regard to finances, favor and assets. I'm a faithful tither; but since I have been freed from demonic oppression, whatever I tithe, I see physical blessing manifestation. I tithe according to Malachi 3:7-12, Hebrews chapters 7 and 8, with the specified amount on every money increase in Leviticus 27:30-34.

My mother passed away on December 3, 2008. We didn't have any money to bury her, but Jesus gave us favor with my brother's employer and they paid for everything. Two of my relatives blessed us with money to cover January's utilities. My aunt is giving me a car; this will help me find and keep work. The Holy Spirit has been a great comfort and helped us with our grief so we could function, and He's helping us now.

I just want to encourage whosoever reads this; The Holy Ones- Jehovah Shalom, Lord Jesus and the precious Holy Ghost can and will help you regardless of any situation you have.  They are in control and are bringing you peace and whatever you need. Jesus has overcome the world; everything and everyone is subject to Him. No matter how impossible your situation seems; it is but a small thing for the Holy Ones to fix for you. Just ask them for help.

You are being blessed and delivered as you read this in the Name of Jesus; receive and enjoy your deliverance and increase. Amen.


A kidnapping situation that was fixed by the Lord after prayer. Here is the request:

I need that you put on your prayers my cousin R. A., 16 years old, was Kidnapped in Honduras.
The family is suffering a lot, we are trusting God, that He will make a miracle and R. will be delivered.

Here is the result after prayer:

My Nephew has been Released!!! Glory to God!!


Hello Pastor Bovic,
I praise Jesus and give Him all the glory for my healing today. He set me free from my suffering. I pray that God uses me mightily in His kingdom. You prayed for me today. When I told my mum what had happened she said I wish I had of come. 


Dear Pastor Bovic,
 This is Ting, the Chinese girl who works in the radio station CVC. I just want to say that I am so blessed to have met you. You have really inspired and encouraged me to walk in the Lord's path. I really hope that we will meet again whether in China, Australia or the US. Remember when you prayed for me, you said, "The Lord has delivered you from religion." Praise God, he really did! When I met you, I was struggling to find joy and the presence of God in one particular church. But ever since you prayed for me, God  has given me the courage to leave religion behind. I will continue to walk in his way.


Queensland, Australia

Hi Pastor,

A big thank you for coming over to our church. Well I wanted to thank you for praying over my healing am glad today to tell you and testify that I am healed. The lump under my arms is getting smaller everyday and for that I praise Jesus. May you continue to pray 4 me and our church. God  bless u so much.



Victoria, Australia

The demons tried to kill me literally and I was in torment in my mind and body. I had to come against fear daily that I wouldn't make it and when you are being attacked mentally and physically you can't think about anything else or do anything else. The witches would also attack me at night between 2am and 4am by sending curses and it would wake me up and I would be in severe pain, so I lost sleep as well. I was a total wreck. I am feeling much better mentally after the deliverance.Thank you so much. I have much more peace and clarity since the deliverance. I do appreciate the prayer very much and best of all Tom and I are getting along much better and more lovingly. Sincerely.



"My name is Liz and I had injured my knee at work on the 4th of June cartilage had come off my bone in the most weight bearing area. I was going to have to have an operation.  Then on top of that I had a sickness which made me really dizzy and at some points I could hardly stand. I found this a very stressful time as this sickness had gone on and the doctors couldn't do much for me.  My friend invited me to her house and said that a man would be there who God is using to bring healing and deliverances. I thank Pastor Bovic for being an obedient servant of the Most High God Jesus Christ. So after he prayed for me I felt the power of God go through me and I knew I was healed from the dizziness. Then after that Pastor Bovic prayed for my knee and said to walk in faith. I put away my crutches and haven't used them again. That was about 6 weeks ago. I no longer have to have an operation on my knee and there is no more dizziness.I am so thankful and know that Jesus can and does heal anything nothing is impossible for Him. Bless you."



Dear Apostle Bovic Lola:

I  want to thank you and Sister Donnett for ministering to me in such powerful way that I not only feel a whole lot better, but I now understand a lot about those things that were in my heart that were choking the spiritual like out of me. I just realize that without God's intervention using your ministry I couldn't have done it.  That day (10-17-09) was a very important day in my Christian life, since the day I accepted Christ in June of 1964 and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1969. 

I do feel the need to continue to teach the many people in my church that are in such need of deliverance, to become aware of those areas in their lives where the enemy has a foothold.  There are so many of them, but most of them don't realize it. Some of them are so interested in what I have been telling them and about your ministry.  I am praying to God so that one day we could have you come to our church and minister to our people.  

My husband was touched by your teaching.  Continue to pray for him, because everything that God showed you about his spiritual condition is so true. 

My son-in-law who has a great call from God on his life, has been dealing with serious problems that he really is in desperate need of deliverance.  I gave him your e-mail address and telephone number, and I pray that  one day he has the same opportunity to also receive deliverance ministry. 

May the Lord continue to use you, and bless you and your family all the men and women of God who are part of your ministry, which is so badly needed in these end times. 

Thank you once again

Sister Cathy

Dearest friend, brother and Pastor Bovic
What an inspiration you are to us both.  We love you and the Lord that we all worship.How encouraging your words, so in season!!!!

YES!  YES! YES!  I was totally healed and set free from my arthritic pain, soreness, nauseusness and fevers when Pastor Bovic Lola came to my little beach country town of Coolum Beach in Queensland, Australia. I had what is called 'Ross River Fever' which is from an infected mosquito which chose to bite me and inject me with its parasite.  Pastor Bovic came over for dinner and afterwards, as you would do when Jesus is there too, we all prayed, and Pastor Bovic laid hands on me and prayed for my healing.  Instantly I knew I had been healed.  Praise the Lord!!!   To this day, I am exercising and running 2 marriage courses and holding a homegroup here on Wed evenings, its all GOOD for those who love Jesus!!!!!Thank you Pastor Bovic for your Pastor's heart to see people restored for duty, and to be set free.  You are such a humble and precious blessing from God Almighty.  We love you

Richard and Margaret 

God bless you ! I wish you a happy New Year as well.  I thank you so much for praying for me .Ever since  I have been coming to the church and you prayed for me, I feel so free and at ease that I am still asking myself,  am I really free? It is a dream come true.I have been looking for a  Holy Ghost church a  long, long time ago. I used to be so worried and afraid at night , but now I am getting better.I am so glad that I called the church that Sunday.


Apostle Bovic Lola,

I can't thank you and your intercessors enough.  Something happened spiritually to me last Sat.  I almost can't put it into words yet.  I feel like I am on the beginning of a new spiritual journey.  I have not had so much as a sip.  But it is so much deeper than that.  I want so much more of the Holy Spirit and I was holding Him at arms length.  Now I am ready to give the Lord ALL of me. 

I don't know how to say this but it is like the battle is outside of me now and fightable, where before I thought it was unfightable.  I realize that was a lie from the enemy, but a mountain too large for me to even try to climb.  I just thought 'this is the way I am and will always be. God is sooooooooooooooooooo good.  I am going to have a Holy Spirit party.  Put on the music and get crazy in the Spirit. Thanks so much again.

 Love from K.S.


Man of God I am being tormented even as I try to write to you and I am confused in what to write for I do not know how to start. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong for me. All I did during this time was pace back and forth in the apartment I lost over 40lbs in one month. For over 3 years I have been tormented, sick almost on to death God never let this thing kill me. I have gone to the doctors over and over. They have given me every kind of test they cannot figure out what is going on with me. Marks and rashes would just appear on my body. I have battled with all prayers and supplication. It is demonic. It is a spirit of some type. It does not make sense.  Everyday has been a struggle for me, this spirit of fear and sickness just falls on me at random times. I have prayed every prayer you can pray. This thing has not left me. These things come on me so intense sometimes. Man of God, I should be dead. I have been so close to death so many times in the last 3 years. At night when I sleep I am attacked by demonic things. I have been chocked in my sleep, woken up with terrifying visions of going to hell. I can feel these things on my head, like a headache they move around when I am praying. It is horrible. I know these things are not from god and are not true. They will bring tormenting memories from my past. They twist scripture and doctrine. Great confusion about doctrine will come on me. Things I would never get confused about before. Over the last 3 years I have had car wrecks happen right next to me. I have people who are possessed try to stab me, who did not even know me. I have had wizards and warlocks putting spells on me, praying in front of my house. I have faced death over and over. I have demons come to me and tell me if I renounce my faith in Christ they will leave me alone. I would not do that. It is horrible brother. I am not exaggerating. So much more. I do not know how to even start..I need deliverance and help. I am in such torment. I do not want to be sent to a nut house. I do not know how much longer I can take this torment. It so much to bare it is destroying my life and relationships. Please pray for me!

M. W.'s feedback after prayer

Apostle!  I have been calling people all day. Telling my friends what happened. Love is just flowing from me. My mind is sound. I am amazed. How did you do that Apostle? What did you do that no one was able to do when you prayed over me? Why did God answer your cry for mercy for me not any of the hundreds who prayed over me prior?


Wow, all glory be to God. The fire of the Holy Spirit is on me. God is bringing me into a deeper relationship with him. A peace that surpasses all understanding is constantly on me now. Revelations are flowing like water. Everyday the Lord is revealing more and more of the mysteries. Boldness, confidence, and sound mind are returning. Everyday it is getting better. People are coming into my life. I am free. So freeeeeeeeeeeeee. Praise the Lord.


I am writing because I really need help...and I felt something good when I came across your site. I am not able to come there in person. I have suffered with demon possession, black magic, and ancestor curses since I was a child.,,I was sexually abused to the point I no longer remember most of my childhood along with everything else. (emotional physical) They began taking me over at a young age...,,I come from a VERY evil family that was involved in the mafia. My great grandparents were first cousins. My family is full of drug abuse, gambling, pedophilia, alcoholism, you name it...I am SURE that there is some kind of VERY EVIL magic also on my family...when my grandmother died she tried to kill me and take over my body...,,My life has been a living nightmare.... I have spent more than over half my life with extreme sickness and physical pain...,,In the last 8 years I have had SIX people doing black magic against me...I turned to what I thought was white magic practices to try to undo what was done to me, out of mostly only kept the evil controlled and at bay..somewhere in space...,,Now the evil has returned to attack me full force...You cannot imagine the agony I have been through in the last week... I NEED SOMEONE TO STEP UP AND HELP ME!!!!


Feedback after deliverance prayer on SKYPE

I wanted to tell you I feel much better today...I sang some songs to God and Jesus instead of doing my meditation...I am asking God questions and getting answers...I have been waiting a LONG TIME for this...let me tell you! Of course, it has only been 3 days since the deliverance, but I do feel much better today...

I am SOOOOO happy I met you! Thank you soooo much for all that you have done for me...Yes, God is showing me the truth now...HALLELUIA IS RIGHT!!! I have been longing for this for SOOO long! The clarity of mind..the pureness of his love and light...It is great...

I really needed someone to step up and help me...I feel that you are really on my case..and I cannot tell you how greatful I have Gods power within you and I feel so much God working through you..I knew in my heart that you were going to be able to help me and you ARE...your prayers for me are SOOO strong and no have been truly blessed and I know you are a big vessel of God's love...I only hope one day to be as blessed as you and help as many people as you are ...this has been my wish for as long as I can help people....and with your help, this may actually one day soon be a reality...words like THANK YOU...are so limited.....thank you is not enough to express how I feel for your helping me..


Bovic Lola was the answer to my prayers and I cannot say enough good things about him. I found a prophet, who had not yet been an ordained minister, in February 2010 who had seen the torment I had lived through that very few people could see. Countless people had done black magic against me. At least 7 over the last 8 years, the last one being in January. This prophet gave me a baptism and promised that if I followed Jesus, the abuse, magic, evil, and evil spirit that was possessing me, that had been ruining my life since I was a child, would be removed. I did not believe her because the amount of evil and demons within me was enormous. Even the prophet had told me I was lucky to be alive and that I had nearly died 3 times.
I had my water baptism, and the intense cleansing began. Just like she said, all the evil that was within me started coming out. Hundreds of demons. Words cannot describe. She had the ability to heal with her laying on of hands, and explained to me the first day that talking would cost money for her "psychic sight", but laying on of hands would always be free. Because of the severity of my problems, I begged her that I could come to her house and have her put her hands on me. I was in deep psychic pain.
After the baptism, Satan came at me in full force, and for some reason this woman was not allowing me to come to her house for the laying of hands like she promised. I continuously called her, and I was still prevented from coming over. When I texted her and asked her if she could see what was happening to me because I was alone, being attacked by Satan, and really needed help, she asked me for money! I was livid and resolved never to speak to her again. She basically "converted" me and left me to deal with all the evil by myself. Scary does not describe what I went through. I was alone, to fight this evil that was beyond words. Nobody should have to go through what I went through.
I frantically searched the web for someone to help me who knew about evil magic and demons. God led me to Bovic Lola and his ministry. It was only by the hand of God, I was led here. The first night after receiving his email telling me he would help me, I could feel him pray for me. I don't know what he did, but the evil really did not like it! I knew what people praying for me felt like, and NOBODY I have ever met had the kind of power that he did. It was as if a magic shield went around me, that I am guessing now was the Blood of Jesus. I saw a skeleton figure fight back in anger. It was relief from his first prayer from a distance and I was able to fall asleep.
Within the next two days of hearing from him, we set up an appointment over Skype and he gave me my deliverance. He was compassionate, and his prayers were so powerful, even over the internet, that the Holy Spirit fully entered into me to cleanse me. It was incredible! And he would not even TALK about money with me! Then, a few days later, we had another prayer session over skype where he prayed for me, and it happened again! Out of the 3 times this man prayed for me, the Holy Spirit entered me twice! He broke off all the evil and magic from me and I am FREE! Bovic Lola is VERY VERY special. Not everyone has the power, nor willingness, to take on the kind of evil that he is willing to. God chooses carefully the man who comes to this kind of ministry. Only someone with great spiritual power and a man of PURE integrity, who truly follows God in each minute, can come against the kind of evil he comes up against on a daily basis to where it cannot gain access to him. And he still gets attacked on behalf of saving the people. This is the definition of self sacrifice. If you have the chance to meet him in person, do not hesitate. He is one of God's best. He helped me through the scariest time in my life, and I am so so blessed to have found him. I am so honored to know such a man, who has devoted his life to serving God and fighting the evil of this world. If only there were more like him, the world would be a different place. 


- Hundreds of people were delivered from demon possession during one night revival.

- A minister who used to go to lay hands on people in different hospitals inKampala was bewitched. His right hand withered and got paralyzed. He came toa revival we were conducting. He received prayer and his hand was perfectly restored by the Lord.

- A young lady was bed-ridden and motionless for several months. We stepped into her house and laid hands on her. The next day she jumped out of her bed and was made whole.

- A pastor’s sister-in-law healed of a deadly abscess like the one that was going to kill King Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20.

- A young man had been agonizing in bed for months in excruciating pains was fully freed from the torments of witch craft and enabled to resume riding his motorcycle.

- A Muslim neighbor who was scheduled for foot amputation was touched and restored by the Lord after we prayed and laid hands on him. Jesus is a well-known surgery canceller. Alleluia!

- A young man was instantly healed from stomach tumors. He felt his stomach boiling and bubbling after we had laid hands on him. He was fully restored by the Lord. We give Jesus all the glory!

- A preschool child was delivered from a violent demon. The school activities came to a standstill every time that little boy manifested devils. We were called to intervene. A 5 year old little boy confronted us like a professional wrestler. Praise the Lord! That demon left him and his classroom became a safe place for his classmates! To Jesus be the glory!

- A young man had a chronic constipation for several weeks. He was scheduled for stomach surgery. We were called to pray for him. After laying hands on him, he went to the restroom for the first time after all those weeks. Surgeon Jesus cancelled the operation appointment. Gloria in excelis Deo!


- A sister in the Lord was healed from kidney stones. The surgery that was scheduled within three days was cancelled by Jehovah Rapha “God who heals your diseases”.

- A child who was paralyzed since his birth was set free by the Lord and today he is a young man running around like everybody else.

- A woman who had a lump/goiter in her throat was favored by the Lord after she had been prayed for. The lump miraculously shrank and vanished for the glory of the King of kings. Receive the adoration, Master Jesus!


- Many aborigines were delivered from demon possession, witchcraft, gas and glue sniffing addiction, curses and spells, alcohol and drug addiction. Totems and charms were turned in to be consumed by God’s fire.

- A man suffering from brain damage caused by a terrible car accident was restored by the Lord.

- A woman was healed from lung cancer after prayers. She went for MRI and X-ray tests to confirm the healing. The results were negative. Hosanna in the highest!

- “Hey there Ps B, I thought I would fill you in on the woman and her daughter who were healed after you prayed for them. The woman’s name is Linda and her daughter’s name is Day sha blue. She had a lung condition and her daughter who I will call 'Day' had 'ross river virus' which is something you get from a mossie. Apparently the virus never leaves your body and its completely gone. Linda’s conditions is completely healed as well. She just kept on saying she couldn’t believe God would do something like that for her so quickly after being saved. I was rejoicing with her over God’s lovely goodness."

- “What can I say, an ex-addict, ex-atheist, ex-agnostic, on a long journey to do God's work. In the week preceding the arrival of Pastor Bovic to the Bagot Indigenous Victory Church I had been troubled by a constant barrage of dark and deceptive dreams. Filled with the imagery of loss, worldly temptation, disparity and drugs; these dreams were also haunted by the presence of people departed. It seemed like even after having a full night's sleep I awoke tired and troubled and sometimes angry.

On the evening of which I speak Pastor Bovic had begun to preach enthusiastically. This was his second sermon of an intense two-week stay for him, and was about a week and a half ago. During this sermon he indicated to an area of the congregation and said that we the congregation should pray for those here who were having dreams of dead people, of which there were three persons in total. I felt scared and perhaps embarrassed to raise my hand when he asked those three people to show themselves for prayer and healing. Two people did raise their hand, but I did not, to which the Lord speaking through this man of God announced that one other is yet to come forward, but that person will later and we will pray for them and drive away this lingering evil. He continued his sermon, whilst I sat humbled and amazed. Later during that prayer meeting I stood with the two others in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and trough the power of prayer and faith this stronghold of evil was driven away. From that day on my dreams have been lightened, I have been free of the dead, dark temptations and fear. On Sunday 17th July, just prior to Pastor Bovic's departure I was able to share this testimony with the congregation as proof that the Holy Spirit of the Living God indeed is active in our church.”

- In Melbourne, a man who was involved in mysticism turned in his amulet after he had been touched by the Word of God.

- An “intercessor” who came to a revival meeting in Melbourne was delivered from a violent spirit of witchcraft.

- A man in his 30’s came to our meeting in Sunshine Coast. He was possessed by very violent warfare demons. God delivered him after a tough spiritual battle.

- A woman was prayed for in her home and was delivered from tormenting devils after 145 minutes of spiritual wrestling. On our way back home, the pastor I was with was led by the Spirit to pray in tongues. It begin drizzling. Two cars collided in front of us. One was thrown into a marsh and the other was whirling around in front of us. The pastor gently and confidently applied on the brake pedal. We just watched and were amazed by God’s divine protection. A sign that the ancient snake was mad at us and wanted to put an end to our existence. The sister has been freely traveling to different nations to testify about God’s delivering power. Following is an excerpt of her e-mail message:

I would just like to thank you for your time and prayers whilst in Coolum. I can testify of God’s faithfulness, goodness and power. The freedom and peace I have is unbelievable. The thief came to steal kill and destroy (which he tried),but Jesus came to give life more abundantly, which I now have. My life has dramatically changed, and each day I stand in awe of what an awesome God we serve. The Lord gave me a scripture years age declaring "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord." Ps 118.17-18. That is what I have been doing sharing and testifying of what God has done in my life and that He wants to do the same for them. People that have known me for years are amazed of what God has done in my life. When God moves in someone’s life nothing can stop Him. The change is so dramatic. It is a miracle and I thank God. I would love to catch up with you if you come to Coolum again.
Bless you”

- A woman who had a terrible stomach condition and recurring headaches was healed in Darwin after we had laid our hands on her.

- A teenager who had had a sleep disorder condition was healed during a crusade in Bagot Community. For the first time in her life, she was awakened that night by the sound of the alarm clock. Her mom was so excited.

- A teenager was delivered from a spirit that made her entire body frequently shake for a long period of time. We laid hands on her and cast out that demon that was tormenting her. She was instantly set free.

- A man had a excrutiating pain causing boil on his leg. As we introduced Jesus Christ to him, he believed. When he got up in the morning that boil had burst and drained out.

- An Assyrian woman had a very bad eye-infection that doctors struggled to treat. We prayed for her during a fellowship meeting in the Arab community. She received her heaving and her sight was restored by Ophthalmologist Jesus.


A 72 year old woman was on life support. The doctors made a decision to disconnect the machines and let her pass away. Her daughter implored us to go to pray for her mom in hospital. We prayed for her and rebuked the spirit of death. The next day she opened her eyes. The recovery process started. She ended in stepping out of the ICU back home in the awesome name of Jesus Christ -the Way the Resurrection and the Life. Glory!!!

- A young woman was unable to conceive for a dozen of years. She came to our home for prayer. We cursed the spirit of barrenness. The Lord promised she would conceive and give birth to a baby boy. She informed us a little later that her request had been met. The Lord gave her twin boys.

- A man was given days to live because his liver was completely damaged and out of use. He came to our New Year eve overnight prayer and received prayer. To make it short, the Lord provided him with another liver. Today he is in perfect health and carrying out his daily routine.

- A young man addicted to cocaine, meth and heroine was helpless and hopeless. The police hunted him and took him to jail. The power of prayer took him out. He went on using the same deadly products and ending in having a cardiac arrest. He received intercession prayers and was brought back to life by the Great Physician. Today he is sharing Jesus Christ and bringing souls to the Lord.

- A lady in Indianapolis was unable to conceive for years. She brought her request to us. We laid hands on her. The Lord revealed that she would give birth to a baby boy. God’s promise did not delay: she delivered twin-boys.
“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” (Ephesians 3:20)

- Many people have been brought to our ministry for deliverance. Some of them have been manifested the presence of devils and others have not. The good news is that those who came expecting and who repented of all their involvement in demonic/occult activities have been set free.

- A man was held into captivity by a voodoo priestess here in Indianapolis. He was so entangled in that demonic net that he felt like life was not worth living any more, He attempted to commit suicide but God did not give him the green light to die. We managed to pull him out of that dreadful pit. He received prayer, was delivered from those demons. Today he is a happy man glorifying the name of the Most High God in our church.

- A woman was being tormented for several years here in the USA. Demons used to come at night dressed like men and raped her. She requested her older daughter to begin spending the night on the same bed; unfortunately, every time the evil ones came, they used to pull her daughter out of the bed and tormented her mom. After 7 months of not closing her eyes day and night, she desperately looked for help. We invited her to our Frontline Intercession Taskforce overnight prayer. She was powerfully set free from those torturing demons.

-A man living from a neighboring town of Indiana was living in a haunted house with his grandchildren. They were tormented everyday by demons. He told us they were popping up in his kitchen, slamming doors in bedroom, walking up and downstairs, hitting him from time to time. “Ghost hunters” came in but they could not help him. A catholic priest came in but he could not even provoke them. We received an S.O.S. call. We went to his house. The house was demon-infested, indeed, You could feel that heavy demonic presence in. We prayed over the house, tore down all the idols that were in the house and drove those evil spirits out under the power of the name of Jesus Christ. That night, the owner of that house slept like a log. Until today, that house has been completely disinfected from the powers of darkness. Alleluia!

United States

We were called to go to drive evil spirits out of a haunted home in Carmel, Indiana,Doors were clsing and opening, steps going up and downstairs, pet animals afaid of getting into the house, the lights switching on and off, television and radio sets being moved from one place to another, tap water on and off, batlike noise and elerly man's voice in the house. Those devils were driven out the same day. They have never returned for 3 years now. And they will never return again. Following is the e-mail from the home owner after the operation

Everything seems to be fine since you came. We both feel at rest and are very thankful for your kind services. Hope to see you again soon my friend.



Apostle Bovic:
Thank you so much!  For the first time in a very long time I just felt empty.  There were no voices in my head telling me lies, there was no pain pulling at my heart, the only thing was the terrible migraine.  I came straight home, I ate a light lunch and then I went to sleep to try to sleep it off.  I slept very deeply for the first time in years.  It was a restorative sleep and I felt much better when I woke up. 


This Scottish man got delivered on Skype but was still scared that those demons would return to get him again. Most churches are dead in Scotland. He was turned down by all the churches I recommended him to. They told him they do not mess up with demons. Following is his e-mail:




"I slept well last night, I was yawning and burping all night.

I am worried about it coming back because I have had it for so long.

I live in a town called troon, 30 miles south west of Glasgow."



This is an issue of blood the Lord healed in Indiana. Here is the testimony!

"Praise God!!!! No more bleeding and I had another menstrual cycle!Hallelujah!God is good all the time! Jehova Rafa! Thank you again for all your support and prayers I couldn't of done it without Jesus and you guys!"



Hi Apostle!


I feel great and my faith has increased. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing!!! 


Dave brought a friend from work on Friday night, Dawn and her
teenage son.  While being prayed for, the Spirit of the Lord fell on her
and she fell to her knees twice.  She reports relief from tormenting
thoughts, as a result of the prayer.  Her son had never seen anything like
this and was VERY skeptical.  He stepped forward for prayer to see what
would happen.  Pastor Bovic was given revelatory knowledge from the Spirit
and the boy says "every single thing he said was true, I could not believe
what I was hearing, God is real."


Thirteen years ago, the Lord ministered to me that He would send me to the nations as a carrier of the Great Commission. He showed me crowds of people from different races lining up in thousands to draw water from one only water tap. Since 2004, I have been on the road giving God’s people a wake up call by preaching the message of the Kingdom. I have been to nations such as Uganda, Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, Kent), Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg), The Netherlands, Norway (Oslo, Tonsberg, Snertingdale), United Kingdom (London, Leicester, Birmingham, Covent), Australia (Darwin/Northern Territory, Brisbane/Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Nambour, Melbourne/Victoria, Sydney)

End Time Trumpet Ministries International has eye-witnessed family relations restored in different nations. Christian counseling is provided based on the Word of God and the revelation power of the Holy Spirit, the Great Counselor. Jesus never and will never charge a single fee. The house of God is a healing clinic where people are treated by the Great Physician Jesus Christ “Jehovah Rapha”.

We have witnessed couples who were in divorce process come back together, we have seen marital conflicts solved by the Creator who institutionalized marriage and forbid man to put asunder what he has put together.

We have prayed for people who were in perverted marriage and who ended in resuming normal relations. We have seen the Lord bring separated couples back together. A couple were living in the same house for 24 years but sleeping in different rooms. The Holy Spirit revealed it to us through a word of knowledge. He put a deep conviction in their hearts, through a word of wisdom, until they repented, surrendered and rededicated their home to the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! They have been sharing the same marital bed for one year now and attending the same church.

We have seen drug, alcohol, pornography addicts get free through deliverance prayers. It is amazing to see them re-loaded with the Holy Spirit,sharing Jesus and ministering to other addicts who are still bound by the enemy’s shackles. Jesus is the great shackle breaker.

“Whoever the Son sets free and he is free indeed.” (John 8:36)

Come on! Give Holy Ground Fellowship a try if you are actually determined to make the New Jerusalem your eternal residence. God's Word is served fresh!

Fulfilled Visions and Prophecies