Future Perspectives

In United States of America :

  • Reach out immigrants with the Gospel and re-win as many backsliders’ souls as possible.
  • Minister to alcoholics, drug addicts and counsel dysfunctional families.
  • Assist immigrants to adapt and integrate in the American culture through language and cultural orientation training.


  • Reach as many nations as possible with the Gospel of the Kingdom through crusades, evangelization campaigns, revivals, conferences, healing and deliverance services, seminars
  • Plant churches wherever they are needed.
  • Provide compassion and counseling services to the most vulnerable victims of war in Africa, namely to orphans, widows, traumatized children, teenagers and women as a result of abuse, rape and sodomizing.
  • Initiate radio and TV sensitization and education programs in order to counteract AIDS and other STDs, to eradicate poverty by teaching people how to be self-reliant based on the potentialities they have at their disposal.
  • To sensitize rural areas and urban slums about hygiene rules for better health conditions.
  • Build orphanages and Christian schools and provide school supplies to the needy.